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CCMS conducts studies and surveys in the field of modern coastal and marine processes, including physical geography, oceanography, hydrology and climate changes, coastal and marine geomorphology, geology and paleogeography, living and non-living natural resources etc., among the main are:

• Research and monitoring of coastal sand dunes and beaches.
• Assessing the impact of port and coastal defense structures on the coastal zone and marine space and accompanying processes.
• Development and maintenance of geodatabases, coastal and marine mapping and application of Geographic Information System (GIS) to coastal and marine studies.
• Carry out field and marine observations and measurements to study coastal zone processes and marine space.
• Use of remote sense methods for exploration and monitoring of the coastal zone and the marine space.
• Research and monitoring of sea water quality.
• Assessing the sensitivity of coastal areas to oil spills and other pollutants.
• Developing and implementing innovative methods for the analysis and management of beach and marine litters.

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