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  • Coastal Erosion
    Stancheva, M.
    2013. Bulgaria. In: "Coastal Erosion and Protection in Europe - A Comprehensive Overview” – Eds, E. Pranzini, A.T. Wiliams; ISBN-13: 9781849713399 (ISBN-10: 1849713391), 496 pp, Rutledge Taylor & Francis Group).

    Dr. Hristo Stanchev is co-editor of a book “Sensitivity Mapping and Analysis of the Bulgarian Black Sea Coastal Zone", 2017, published by Total E&P Bulgaria B.V., ISBN: 978-954-9490-50-3. Dr. Margarita Stancheva and Dr. Hristo Stanchev are the authors of Chapter V: Sensitivity mapping and assessment of the Bulgarian Black Sea Coastal Zone (146-172 p.) and main contributors/authors of the ground and aerial photos in the book.

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