Published: Wednesday, 26 June 2024

Black Sea Workshop MSP GREEN MSP4BIO MPA Europe


The Black Sea Basin Workshop "Bridging Maritime Spatial Planning with the European Green Deal and better Integrate Marine Protected Areas" was successfully conducted last week on June 20th, in Varna, Bulgaria as a hybrid event. The workshop was jointly organised by the three European Union sister projects MSP-GREEN, MPA Europe and MSP4BIO, and hosted by the MSP-GREEN / MSP4BIO partner from Bulgaria - Center for Coastal and Marine Studies (CCMS). The workshop aimed to present and discuss at the Black Sea Basin level how the MSP could strengthen and promote better integration and implementation of the EGD maritime objectives (based on MSP-GREEN draft recommendations). The Black Sea Workshop also addressed the specific EGD topic of improved science-based MSP for biodiversity protection and better alignment of MPAs management and their integration in MSP.


CCMS at the MSP4BIO 3rd General Assembly in Split, 6-8 November 2023

Published: Tuesday, 14 November 2023

MSP4BIO Split 2023

The physical meeting of our MSP4BIO 3rd General Assembly was successfully held on 6 and 7 of November 2023 in Split, Croatia with more than 30 participants from all partner organisations. The event was hosted by the MSP4BIO partner PAP/RAC (Priority Actions Programme Regional Activity Centre). At the meeting partners got together to take stock of the project’s progress and achievements and discuss the way forward to successful project implementation.

Back-to-back with the 3rd General Assembly Meeting, on 8-9 November 2023, a SeaSketch training for MSP4BIO Workshop (hybrid, in-person and online) were conducted in PAP/RAC premise. Using SeaSketch, a mapping tool currently used for MSP, participants learned how to:
● Develop and conduct map-based surveys to gather information on the distribution of valued ocean spaces and ecosystem services.
● Use collaborative geodesign tools to draw, share, build and evaluate spatial scenarios that meet regional goals and objectives. 

SeaSketch training

We leave motivated and energised for our upcoming period, and well-organised for our upcoming interactions with MSP4BIO Communities of Practice.

Stay tuned for further updates following the MSP4BIO website and social media:


Published: Wednesday, 05 June 2024



The EU Level workshop to share recommendations on how to strengthen the integration of EGD maritime components into MSP, one of the main outputs of the project, with experts from all over Europe was successfully conducted: 30 experts from sectors, governance and research joined the workshop to evaluate and expand the draft recommendations. The interactive event and working groups provided a lot of feedbacks that will help improve the recommendations.

After introductory presentations, tens of recommendations were considered using tables and colour-notes inputs. The recommendations will be finalized and shared at basin level during five basin events, before making it to the final event.

A special thanks to partners and experts for putting time and effort in creating recommendations and providing useful feedback.

The Black Sea Basin Workshop to share and discuss MSP-GREEN recommendations will be held on 20 of June 2024 in Varna, Bulgaria!

Stay tuned for more details and results!

MSP-GREEN project presented at the Changing Coastal Landscapes meeting

Published: Thursday, 18 May 2023

MSP GREEN project Coastal Landscapes meeting


The MSP-GREEN project was presented at University of Venice (IUAV) premises during the Changing Coastal Landscapes meeting. The Danish Universities offered experiences in coastal and marine research, as from IUAV side a perspective on research of EU Green Deal regarding marine Climate Change was provided.

At the meeting, an open discussion was held between scholars of University of Venice and
• University of Copenhagen (KU);
• Technical University of Denmark (DTU);
• Aarhus University (AU);
• Royal Danish Academy - Architecture, Design, Conservation;
• Realdania

Next stop for MSP-GREEN presentation: European Maritime Day, 24-25 May in Brest!

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