Dr. Margarita Stancheva

Dr. Margarita Stancheva

 Director CCMS

Dr. Margarita Stancheva has more than 20 years` professional experience with special interests in coastal geomorphology: coastal processes, sand beaches/dunes, coastal erosion/cliff retreat and shoreline changes, and recently in Maritime Spatial Planning and sustainable coastal development.

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Hristo Stanchev

Dr. Hristo Stanchev

Chair of CCMS Foundation Council
Geography, GIS

Dr. Hristo Stanchev has more than 22 years` professional experience with special interests in geography, Geographic Information System, coastal geomorphology, coastal erosion and recently in Maritime Spatial Planning. Hristo holds MSc degree in geography (1993) from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”.

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Dr. Georgi Parlichev

Dr. Georgi Parlichev

Member of CCMS Foundation Council
Marine Ecology, Oceanology

Dr. Georgi Parlichev holds a Ph.D. in Oceanology from the Institute of Oceanology – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (IO-BAS). During his research he worked on the development of innovative reef breakwaters to restore the eroded beaches in a natural way and participated in several research projects at IO-BAS:

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Milena Manova

Milena Manova

Marine ecologist of CCMS team - MARSPLAN-BS II Project

Milena Manova holds MSc degree in Ecology and Environmental Protection from Technical University of Varna, Bulgaria. She has professional experience in the area of marine environmental investigation and protection, sustainable development of marine ecosystems, influence of the anthropogenic impact on the phytoplankton in the Black Sea.

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