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RE-IMAGINING COASTAL TRANSITIONS: DIVERSE BLUE ECONOMIES. COASTAL TRANSITIONS III CONFERENCE will be held in November 8 to 10 at the University of Connecticut Avery Point Campus, Groton, Connecticut, 2023.

University of Connecticut Avery Point Campus

This conference aims to re-imagine the Blue Economy, not as a business-as-usual approach to economic development, but as an innovative framework that recognizes the diversity of economies, facilitates energized transdisciplinary dialogue and enables multi-stakeholder activation and empowerment in order to radically reframe coastal and marine economies.

 “The post-Covid 19 recovery represents a once-in-a generation opportunity to radically reframe coastal and marine economies. The timing has never been more favorable, or indeed more critical, to urgently design, plan and deliver sustainable, innovative, and Just Blue Economies.” [Heidkamp, Garland, Morrissey, Germond-Duret & Kokorsch 2022]

Sub Themes:
Theoretical and methodological as well as empirical or case study contributions related (but not limited) to the following sub-themes are welcome:
• Justice and the Blue Economy (Blue Justice, Energy Justice, Food Justice, Climate Justice, etc.)
• Politicization and territorialization of Blue Economy spaces (security, safety and regulatory enforcement)
• Sustainable Prosperity and the Blue Economy - Employment, job creation, and poverty eradication
• Transdisciplinarity and/or Real Laboratories in the Blue Economy
• Sustainability Discourses of the Blue Economy (transformations, transitions; blue washing and extractivism)
• Socio-cultural dimensions of Diverse Blue Economies (social capital, cultural capital, adaptive capacity, etc.)
• Indigenous paradigms and traditional ecological knowledge of diverse Blue Economies
• The role of ocean/maritime clusters in fostering a just and sustainable Blue Economy
• Innovations in the Blue Economy – policy, practice, entrepreneurship and inclusion
• Evaluation and assessment of Blue Economy initiatives
• Communicating and representing diverse Blue Economies
• Participatory governance and stakeholder integration in Blue Economy decision making
• New academic practices and performances for the Blue Economy
• Smart shipping, ports, green ports, transportation, and global connectivity
• Science, policy, and practice interactions of Blue Economies (ocean-based climate solutions)

Abstracts Due: 1 May 2023
Some modest support would be provided for students and/or scholars from underrepresented groups or regions (please inquire: ).

Conference Organizers:
C. Patrick Heidkamp, Ph.D.; Southern Connecticut State University;
Michaela Garland; University of Connecticut;
Nat Trumbull, Ph.D.; University of Connecticut;
Syma Ebbin, Ph.D.; University of Connecticut;
John Morrissey, Ph.D., Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick;

Follow the conference website for more information and details on the abstract submission:

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