IN MEMORIAM: PROF. ALLAN T. WILLIAMS, a great scientist and friend!

Published: Monday, 12 December 2022 Print Email

It is with the greatest sadness to inform the coastal community that Prof. Dr. Allan T. Williams passed away on 17 November 2022.

Allan T Williams
Prof. Allan T. Williams was Emeritus Professor at Swansea Metropolitan University, Swansea, Wales, UK. Allan was member of the CCMS Advisory Committee since the beginning in 2018 and supported actively our activities and research. He published >400 papers and reports, specialising in coastal processes and coastal management. He worked mainly in Europe, but also Africa, China, India, the USA and Latin America. He was an Erskine Fellow at the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand; Scientific researcher at the International Hurricane Research Centre, Miami, USA and a holder of a Winston Churchill Fellowship award. Consultancies included work carried out for: Wardell-Armstrong Eng; Hyder Engineering; Robert West and partners; Asia Development Bank; International Coral Reef Organisation Ltd.; UNDP; EUCC; PAPRAC, Split, Croatia; CCMS (Advisory Committee), Bulgaria. He also served as the main pillar of the Mediterranean Coastal Foundation throughout the 30 years long lifetime of MEDCOAST.
Allan was an influencing scientist publishing in a diverse range of coastal management issues. More than this however, he was a great friend with enormous positive energy that he generously transmitted to entire coastal community. He was extremely supportive colleague and touched upon the lives of many young scientists through collective research and joint publications.
We've all walked along with him 'The Wales Coast Path' under his leadership, projects, field trips, papers, books, conferences, courses... all enlightened under his creative mind. An engineer, a tutor, a poet, an author, a musician, a gentleman… who gave all the best from his heart to all of us. We were happy with him, laughing, joking, talking, and sharing the happiness of successful works that we've achieved when walking together along his Path...
A huge THANK YOU, DEAR ALLAN, for your great contributions to the coastal science and to our lives!
We will not forget you...

From CCMS and the very many colleagues and friends all around the world!

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